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We have celected trailor made trip to Bhutan, Bhutan is a small country where the National happiness rate is more than NAtional GDP.?

  • Geography of Bhutan

    Bhutan is located towards the eastern extreme of the Himalayan range, between China on the north and Indian on the south. A small landlocked country, its total area is 46,500 sq.kms divided into 20 districts and 205 village blocks, which are further divided into numerous municipalities. The entire country is mountainous, and ranges in elevation from 100m along the Indian border to the 7,554m Kulha Gangri Peak on the...

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  • History of Bhutan

    History of Bhutan, along with Nepal is the only country that has been independent throughout its history, never conquered, occupied or seized by a foreign influence. Some scholars believe that the first inhabitants of Bhutan were fierce mountain aborigines, the Monpas, who practiced the shamanistic Bon religion. Most documents point the beginning of Bhutan towards the 9th century, when many Tibetan monks fleed to the country because of turmoil...

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  • Culture of Bhutan

    Culture of Bhutan is very unique. For a long period of time, Bhutan remained isolated, from the outer world, which has helped it preserve its unique cultural heritage. Tourists were allowed only towards the end of the 20th century and that too, in limited numbers. The language and culture of Bhutan share a close resemblance to that of Tibet. Dzongkha and Sharchop, the main Bhutanese languages are similar...

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  • Religion of Bhutan

    Religions of Bhutan is estimated ninety five percent of Bhutanese follow Buddhism. The large of the population in the western and central Bhutan are descendants of Tibetan immigrants and follow the Drukpa Kagyu or Nyingmapa, disciplines of Mahayana Buddhism, which is the state religion. The ethnic Nepalese practice Hinduism, while there are limited number of Bhutanese practicing Christianity, and Islam. Few Bon priests still follow the Shamanistic religion. Freedom...

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  • Climate of Bhutan

    Climate of Bhutan varies with variation in altitude of the place. While extreme cold and high wind is found in the great Himalayas, the weather is temperate in the inner Himalayas, and humid and subtropical in the southern plains of Bhutan. Temperatures therefore vary according to elevation. The winters are dry in the valleys with day time temperatures is16-18 degree Celsius, and temperature in early morning and night...

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