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Bhutan is the place to visit once in your life time. Since1998 AD, Global Adventure Trek offers you life time of your happy memories with small group tour, private trips and sightseeing tours throughout the tiny Kingdom of Bhutan. We are committed to provide our clients with outstanding services, make your trips more safe and success. You are most welcome to book any trekking and tours from anywhere around the globe. GAT is the leading inbound and outbound tour operator based in the capital city of Nepal. Most of our trips are carefully customized and leads all qualities trips with best rates. We always care your trip professionally to make the best holidays and specialize in photography trips.

Capital: Thimpu
Currency: Bhutan Ngultrum (BTN)
Total area: 38394
Population: 699,847 (conducted in 2005) Bhutanies government did not include the census July 2010. GDP $3.533 billion (2008 est.))

When to travel to Bhutan?

Tour and trekking in Bhutan is possible all the year round except in the months of July and August when it is little wet for tour. Spring (months of March, April May) and Autumn (months of September, October November) are the best seasons for travel to Bhutan as there are couple of festivals in different places in these months. Spring season is warmer with flowers blooming around, while autumn although little colder in mornings and evenings, days are warmer with clear blue sky for great mountain sceneries.

Why Travel to Bhutan:

Bhutan is no ordinary place. It is an amply modern country yet medieval with one foot still rooted in its past. Bhutan is aware of the downsides of rapid modernization and has decided to move cautiously without losing its soul. Sustainable socio-economic development, preservation and promotion of culture and tradition, and preservation and protection of natural environment are at the forefront of government policy. Here are some reason to visit Bhutan.

Tigers Nest Monastery: Tiger nest monastery is called Taktsang monastery. It is one of the most imperative Buddhist monasteries in Bhutan. It is located on a vertical cliff 3000m of Paro. The monastery was built in 1692. According to myth, Guru Rinpoche flew on this rock face from Tibet on the back of a flaming tigress.

Tsechus (Festivals): It is the annual religious festival in Bhutan. It is conducted in all the dzongs and major monasteries. Tshechus is social gatherings where people from place from place gather to witness mask dances and cultural items.

Gross National Happiness country: Gross National Happiness is Bhutans development viewpoint based on Buddhist values that measures the quality of life based on the spiritual and mental well-being of its people. It does not reject the conventional method of measuring development GDP but GNH is pursued as an alternative development philosophy.

Highest unclimbed mountains: Bhutan has some of the highest unclimbed mountains peak in the world Mt. Jhomolhari, Jitchu Drake, etc. The government prohibits mountaineering in the peaks which the Bhutanese consider are the abode of deities and spirits.

Museums Monuments: Museums are the depository of Bhutanese history starting from the advent of Guru Padmasambhava in the 8th century. Visitors will have museums-within-museum experience while visiting the ubiquitous forts and lhakhangs which are distinctly unique to each other.

Bhutanese Fort: Dzongs were ancient forts that are used today as the administrative centers. Dzongs follow typical Bhutanese architecture with a wide base and tapering top. They are also ornately decorated in various colors and shapes. Dzongs were built without using a single nail.

Bhutan has been blessed with a sustained, rich cultural heritage.

Bhutan Tours

Bhutan Tours

Bhutan is a unique place in the world in terms of diverse landscape, holy mountains and culture. Bhutan is popular for legendary history of Monastery, people, Temple and much more. Sustainable socio-economic development, preservation and

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Trek in Bhutan

Trek in Bhutan

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