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The Lower Dolpo Trek is predestined for real adventurers wishing for an off-the-beaten-path trekking experience. This isolated region in western part of Nepal was opened for the foreigners only in 1990 AD. The trek passes through Shey-Phoksundo National Park with spectacular mountain scenery, Buddhist monasteries and yak caravans. Our trek takes us through a wooded area, then load through rugged canyons in the barren plateau near the border with Tibet Autumn Region of China. After your arrival in Kathmandu, make a historical and cultural tour of Kathmandu valley and monuments while we obtain special permit for the lower Dopla trekking. Then we take our flight to Jhupal via Nepalgunj. Experience the high altitude, rocks and the microclimate of Lower Dolpo and Phoksumdo with the gentle breeze of the glaciers of Kanjiroba Himal.

Global Adventure Trekking offers you various route of this trekking. Lower Dolpo is the place to make a full camping trek but we had been operating this trip in the basic home stay tea house trekking. We have many more trekking in Dolpo region like Rara Lake Trekking, Upper Dolpo Trekking, Humla Simikot trekking and Limi valley trekking. The itinerary is just for an outline, please make an inquiry for the details of the cost, services and different route and flexibility of the trekking according to your desire.

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