Nepal Travel Information

Welcome to the land of myriad of Tourism destination. Nepal is known to the rest of the world as the land of mighty Everest and loard Buddha, The symbol of Peace. It is not all, Nepal is the home of some largest peak in the world, fast flowing river, tranquil lakes, ancient monuments and timeless culture and tradition among others.

Nepal is a tiny landlocked country between India and China. Nepal offers varied tourism activities, ranging from hardcore adventure activities in the Himalaya to refreshing trekking in the hilly areas. Very excited Bungy jump, Zip flyers, Canyoning, fun-filled Jungle safari on elephant backs in the low land of Tarai and informative cultural tour in some preserved ancient monuments in the world. Do not forgot Nepalese pleasing and hospital people who served guest as Gods.

Nepal is known as a living museum as you can experience unique lifestyle, culture and tradition of more than 100 ethnic groups. Despite being a country with multiple religions and ethnicity, Nepal is a great example of religions tolerance and communal harmony.

In general, all female guest are suggested to wear long skirts until your calf. Wearing very short Skirts and being looks sexy does not accept by Nepalese culture. Nepal is the common Garden of all type of visitor, Nepal is the perfect transit point to India/Tibet and Bhutan to travel.

As for the visa see link for more details.

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