Nepal Village Tour

Nepal Village Tour

Nepal Village tour is becoming more famous because of the unspoiled by tourist affection. Most of our clients were tired being in the busy city tours and after the trekking in the Himalaya. So GAT prefer to take you in different place to experience the local culture and life style of the country sides. Once you are in such village in Nepal, you are treated as honorable family guest. GAT has many tours in village according to the interest of you.

Nepal is the common garden of all different tribes. Nepal is the only one country in the world where multi culture, multi religion, Multi language, multi cast system are still practic in peace and harmoni. Mainly Nepal cast is divided in four category like Brhaman, Chhetri, Baise and Sutra. They all are living in the same village in Nepal but in different parts. We are promoting Village tour in Nepal with the support of our professional team who are always dedicated to provides all details information.

GAT want to support the local by promoting the tourism in the rural village in Nepal. Sirubari village is the another ideal village in Nepal which lies in Palpa Tensen. Once we operate the tour in village, Local can get chance to sell their products and can introduce their skill in the international market. We are supporting them directly or indirectly in terms of their economic. Village tours always stay in the local comfortable house and where they serve delicious local food and drinks.

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