Social Responsibility

  • Jun 12, 2019
  • Rajan Dahal
  • 1701

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Global Adventure Trekking Team on the leadership of Krishna just returned from the Village ( Budhathum, Dhading) , and we say publicly are succeed to distribute 100,000 Rupees to rebuilt Mahendra Lower Secondary School, 50000/ cash support to a lady who were suffering a heart problems since long time. Of course, which is surely not enough to survived and this was what we could on our first program and we are continuing to collect the donations/support from all the good hearted people, and we would like to thanks so much who have already donated and would like to appeal to all to support us in this critical time that we are facing now, in Nepal and GAT Team effort can be some things for the rebuilding and reconstruction, and our second mission is to help same school library books, third programme is to rebuilt our staff, guide and porters Sheet Roof house who have been working with us as all our staff have lost the homes.