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We are registered with the Department of Tourism, Government of Nepal, as Global Adventure Trekking P. Ltd. However, we are pioneers in Himalayan activities, and we've hiked the length & breadth of Nepal's vast Himalayas, escorting enthusiastic trekkers on some of the most popular & remote regions on the planet; our wilderness forays have even gone beyond borders into Tibet, Bhutan & Darjeeling-Sikkim, ensuring that our guests tread into areas less explored & enjoy not only a holiday paid for but also to return home with lifetime experiences in the course of discovering the unknown from the known.

Our business operations are based on outdoor adventure activities, which is the base of our skills, while we also operate exclusive historical tours, jungle safaris & adventure sports that include white rafting, mountain biking, bungy jumping, tropical village sightseeing, mountain flights, etc. We always strive to give our clients a host of options to enjoy holidays of more substance.

We are a highly responsible Tour and Adventure Travel Company that organizes & carries out all adventure activities in Nepal & across the borders of Tibet, India, and Bhutan. Our Business focus is to organize planned holiday trips for visitors from all over the world. Concerning this, we seek to build mutually beneficial partnerships & relations with adventure & tour companies of good standing to exchange business ideas related to all aspects of tourism in both our countries and share mutual benefits with them. We deliberate on personalized services for all our clients, ensuring satisfaction at all times in the course of their holidays in our country. It is a part of our company policies to build a travel trademark of status for ourselves and our partners in all aspects of our business.

Basic company information
Our company, Global Adventure Trekking P. Ltd., is based in Chaksibari Marg, Thamel, which is centrally located in the all-tourist enclave of the capital city of Kathmandu. After much research based on our decade of experience in determining the weaknesses & strengths of the tourism industry in our homeland, Nepal, we have formally established our company to provide more in-depth services to travelers wishing to enjoy holidays in our country & the neighboring Himalayan countries across the borders. The company is headed by Mr. Rajan Dahal, CEO and Founder of Global Adventure Trekking P. Ltd., who has extensive experience in outdoor adventures both within & outside the country.

GAT has built up a reputation founded on a proven ability to provide quality adventure holidays that represent real value for money. From day one, we have been motivated by the desire to take small groups of like-minded people to some of the most remote and rarely-visited destinations in Nepal & its neighboring Himalayan countries and to provide an authentic travel experience. We have always strived to look beyond the tourist traps and to provide itineraries that include forgotten mountain paths, hidden valleys, isolated villages, and uninhabited coastlines. By taking you right up into the mountains and close to the local people and their cultures, we aim to provide a better understanding of each of our destinations as well as memories to last a lifetime.

We avoid many of the areas normally visited by tourists and endeavor to immerse our clients in the rich culture of the many different parts of our country. We seek to provide a balance between conventional sightseeing and true contact with local people and families. We are constantly seeking to improve our tours, to stay ahead of our competitors. To help us achieve this, we have, over the years, developed a superb network of local contacts and guides among our neighboring Himalayan countries across the borders. They are in steady touch, informing us of any changes that may affect our itinerary. Our early vision was that travel should be an adventurous, exciting, enriching, and educational experience. It should be something that informs and expands an individual's perspective on the world. Our escorted adventure tours to amazing destinations all around our amazing countries Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan do just that.

Global Adv. Trek: OUR GOALS At GAT,
Our goals are to be passionate about giving you a travel experience you will never forget. We believe that travel should offer a unique and thrilling experience that teaches us something new about the world and even ourselves. We offer a wide range of fully escorted tours, each carefully planned to provide a unique adventure with a lifetime of happy memories. Our mission is to share this passion for travel with like-minded individuals. Our tours appeal to a special kind of traveler: one who wants more out of travel than simply relaxing on a sunny beach for an entire week.

Our travelers are typically motivated people who want to get out there and explore a new corner of the globe, immersing themselves in its unique differences and fascinating culture. Our tours are for the adventurous, flexible, and fun-loving traveler. Our central goal is to give you & your family a holiday that makes life worth living and leaves you with unforgettable memories.

Our holidays & services vary in nature, just like the wonderful eco balances of the Himalayan environment we live in, They include four-season outdoor breaks, whirlwind historical tours, countryside hikes on the rims of the valley, treks on off-the-beat-tracks, go-wild white water river rafting, kayaking, remote wilderness treks, overland tours, sightseeing at exclusive heritage sites, thrilling mountain bike tours, spiritual tours, cozy homestays, practical volunteer programs, unique jungle safaris, all domestic & international ticketing services, yoga & meditation with spa therapies, and reliable transportation services throughout the Himalayas.

We are associated with the following tourism-related organizations in Nepal:

*We were certified by the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) in 1998 A.D. which governs all aspects Of Nepal tourism development & promotion throughout the world
*GAT is an active member of the Trekking Agents Association of Nepal {TAAN}
*We are registered in Small and Cottage Industries of Nepal.
*We are affiliated with the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) of Nepal.
*GAT is a member of the Himalayan Rescue Association (HRA) of Nepal
*We are members of the Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP).
*We were registered with the Department of Tourism, Government of Nepal, in 1998 AD.


Competitive Pricing
Our prices are possibly some of the best in the country. We don't believe in hidden costs, which is common hereabouts. We believe in strict business ethics, where our concept is to give clients more in terms of services as value for money. All our programs are planned in ways to make our prices affordable for our clients without facing losses ourselves. We even provide our guests options for holidays so that financial obligations don't spoil a good vacation.

Client satisfaction: Personal Services
Global Adv. Trekking is an independent company of guides who are active climbers, trekkers, and tour guides. We are privately owned and answerable to any queries you may have for everything that we do. From the moment you book with us, you can rely on our expertise and commitment to providing you with a first-class service. You are welcome to contact our office at any time to speak to anyone, whether it is about your booking, medical concerns, equipment, or how best to prepare for your trip. We try to assist you by being proactive, which is why we stay in touch with you all along, even after you book with us. We want to put you on the front foot so that you embark on your trip reassured and confident about the adventure and challenges you are about to experience in a country not known to you before your arrival.

We are flexible to suit your convenience
There are times when you want to embark on the holiday of a lifetime, only to run into a snag where you find that your program does not fit into your schedule. But then this is not going to spoil your holidays because experience has taught us to handle such situations in all the years gone by. We can tailor make your trip exactly the way you want it without spoiling your holiday plans; all you have to do is just tell us what you want & for how long you want it, and we will give you a trip of your liking so that you can have a great vacation in the sunshine of Nepal's Himalayas.

We are reliable
We are highly reliable in all our commitments and when a departure is scheduled and confirmed, your trip is on, no matter what. Our departures move on time, & we won't hesitate once all the logistics are well worked out. The information we channel down to you before your trip is well planned & is a result of a lot of hard work over the years; what we decide on in terms of safety & reliability is never compromised, at any cost. Rely on us at all times for a great vacation because we know what your holidays mean to you & how hard you worked for them.

Responsible Tourism Business
GAT is committed to maintaining our integrity, living our values, and ensuring that we are fulfilling the core purpose of our business. This is to operate responsibly, incorporating the principles of sustainable development in the way we provide our travelers with real-life experiences. However, these values are more than just words on a page; they are ingrained in the culture and daily operations of the GAT office and tour. In addition, we expect our staff and travelers to demonstrate the principles of responsible travel: respecting people, cultures, and local environments; the distribution of prosperity; goodwill and cross-cultural sharing; and contributing to sustainable development. would you like to give feedback on our approach? If so, we would love to hear from you at

Channeling vital business information to our partners
We always seek to keep our partners updated on the new developments in the Himalayan region in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and Darjeeling-Sikkim. Sometimes, unexpected changes are made due to changing government policies that could hamper the business of our partners more than it may harm the local business enterprise. At GAT, we don't allow this to happen; we keep our business partners updated with all the relevant information related to tourism, changes in routes, the introduction of new trek peaks, or even calamities that may have occurred due to climate change. Our partners can be assured that your interest will always be confined in Nepal through Global Adv. Trek.

- Training programs for GAT crews
We are aware of the fact that the more efficient our crews are, the better for the safety of our clients. In this respect, our crews are always refreshed on the latest developments in mountain trekking and climbing, and we always conduct review courses for the development & improvement of the English language & other necessary languages for the benefit of our clients. Our staff is also updated on the latest first aid medical treatment related to mountain sickness & the use of the latest types of equipment for trips above the tree lines. Be sure that the staff who accompany you on your trips are well-versed in the ways of the mountains, & you will always be safe with them.

Environmental awareness training for our business associates & crews
To ensure we are always working towards protecting the environment and using Resources in an efficient, fair, and responsible way, we ensure that our trips are designed in a way that limits the physical impact on the destinations we visit so that they may be enjoyed by many generations to come. We train our guide partners & crews about our trips, which have a low impact by design. How? We try to use public transport where possible, guide our partners on how to identify locally owned and simpler styles of accommodation, and eat locally owned food grains where the food has been locally grown, therefore reducing food mile emissions.
To minimize carbon emissions on our trips, we guide our partners & crew on the following considerations:
Local Services: We engage locally owned and operated services, thereby supporting local people and not using long & transport-intensive supply chains.
Local Transport: We encourage the use of local public transport wherever we can to reduce fuel usage per passenger. Water Conservation: We support initiatives that encourage conservative use of water and hot water, such as low-flow showers.
Local Food and Local Goods: We strongly encourage & train our partners & crews to eat locally-produced food and goods. This reduces the embodied energy (energy consumed through production and transport) of the food and goods purchased by our guests
Water Bottles: We encourage our clients to refill a water bottle from water boiled & cooled where available to avoid unnecessary purchasing of bottled water and subsequent waste disposal issues. But there are some isolated spots on the trails where the use of bottled water is unavoidable. We are constantly updating our partners through training & orientation on the various changes that occur due to the environment.
Make photographs leave a footprint. We highly request that all not remove any wildlife and buy any antics along the way.

In a nutshell, our portfolio & all relevant statements of GATs ideals mentioned herein are an indication that we wish to operate our company with the desire to make it mandatory that all our clients receive the best services on their trips to Nepal & the other Himalayan neighbors across our borders. We are happy to mention here that all of our policies will be geared to satisfying the business requirements of our business partners, ensuring not only a business based on profits but also a relationship built on mutual trust & understanding in the blending of our ideals & strategies for a long term future that gives us the joys of knowing that our clients were the biggest benefactors in all of our business dealings. We look forward to a healthy & mutual business partnership in all of our goals of serving us and assisting you in a lasting relationship in the years ahead.

Rajan Dahal
Global Adventure Trekking P. Ltd.
Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal