Phulchowki Day Tour

  • Destination: Nepal

Phulchowki Day Tour takes you on a short visit to the Phulcowki . Phulchowki in Nepali means the hill of flowers. True to its name, during spring and autumn the hill becomes colorful with blooming flowers. Located south east of Kathmandu on the rim of Kathmandu Valley, the Phulchowki hill stands 2782m. This a perfect vantage point to see the view of Kathmandu valley as well as beautiful panorama of Himalayan peaks. Annapurna and Guari Shankar Himalayan ranges are clearly visible from here. There is also a religious shrine on the lap of the hill where locals converge during festivals. What is more exciting is the wildlife that is found in the dense forest surround this hill. The hill attracts lot of bird watchers and wildlife researchers.