Manaslu Region Trek

About Manaslu Region Trek

Manaslu Region Trekking is one of the most captivating trekking region in Nepal. Manasekkinglu trek is named after the Mount Manaslu (8163m), the eighth highest mountain in the world. Manaslu region is also renowned for Manaslu Conservation Area which has been promoting eco tourism in the area. Manaslu Conservation Area is home to an array of reptile, bird and amphibian species including endangered red panda and snow leopard. Manaslu region can be divided into upper and lower belts. The lower belt is replete with temperate and sub alpine forests of orchids, maple, rhododendron and bamboo, terraced farm fields, rivers and waterfallls. The majority of ethnic inhabitants living here are Gurungs and Chhetris. The upper region has a more contrasting geography as the landscape here resembles that of dry and arid Tibetan land. People here are closely linked to Tibetans and follow Tibetan culture based on Tibetan Buddhism. Sama Gaon and Tsum Valley are two of the most renowned villages where you can observe and learn about Tibetan Buddhism. Tsum Valley in Particular is home to many ancient historical shrines and relics such as Rachen Gompa, Mu Gompa and Gompa Lungdang. Ascetic and poet Milarepa and Padmasambhava are said to have meditated and spent time on the cliffs of Tsum Valley. Throughout the trek you will be rewarded with magnificent views of Manaslu (8163m), Peak 29 (7871m), Himal Chuli (7893m), Ganesh Himal (7406m), Boudha Himal (6672m) among others. Not to mention breathtaking scenery of rivers, waterfalls, glaciers, rolling green hills, rocky cliffs, forests and villages. Rupina La pass (4643m) and Larke La pass (5106) are the two highest Himalayan passes you will encounter in Manaslu region.