Sunkoshi River Rafting

  • Destination: Nepal

Sunkoshi River is located in the eastern region of Nepal. The river originates in Tibet and flows down north to South draining forests, valleys and villages along the way. Sunkoshi River rafting is one of the longest and most exciting rafting trips in Nepal.

The put in or starting point of the Sunkoshi Rafting is Dolalghat and ends at Chatara. The total distance covered by the Sunkoshi Rafting is 272 Km and runs eastwards almost parallel to Mahabharat mountain range. The river has been graded in the scale of III-IV. Some of famous rapids encountered in this river are Meatgrinder, Punch & Judy, High Anxiety, Jaws, Rhino Rock and No Quiche. Campfires is the soft, white sandy beaches under moonlight will be a memorable experience. It was in this river that Sir Edmund Hillary and his team tried to jetboat up stream.

Aside from the rafting excitement, you will also be able to encounter with plenty of wildlife, visit local settlements and meet indigenous people and enjoy natural biodiversity. The best season for Sunkoshi Rafting is in Spring (Mar-May) or Autumn (Sep- Nov). The total duration of Sunkoshi Rafting is 9-10 days. Adventure Thirdpole Trekking provides excellent rafting boats and experienced guides to make your trip a success.