Our Team

  • Rajan Dahal

    Rajan Dahal

    Executive Director

    Mr.Rajan Dahal is one of the founders and the Executive Director of the company. He was born and brought up in the hills of Dhading District of Nepal which lies on the famous Manasalu and Ganesh Himal trekking routes. Mr Dahal is young, energetic, highly motivated, and very amicable tourism entrepreneur with years of expertise in Mountain tourism of Nepal. He is actively involved in Trekking industry since 1996, and under his patronage since 1998, Global Adventure has come a long way and has provided trekking services to numbers of trekkers with utmost satisfaction. Mr Dahal is committed and dedicated for promotion of environmental and sustainable tourism. His years of experience in countering mountain routes of Nepal has made him a trademark among adventure lovers and mountain hikers, due to his dedication and lust with the mountains and expertise in it, he is considered to be one of the best entrepreneurs in Trekking industry in Nepal and Global Adventure one of the master class trekking agency in Nepal. Mr Dahal is well versed in English and also has good communication skill in Chinese. He is the backbone of the company and under his supervision; Global Adventure is committed to providing extraordinary and professional services to its clients in days ahead.  

  • Krishna Simkhada

    Krishna Simkhada

    Operation Manager

    Kriss - a jolly guy with great sense of responsibility and profound administration skill is a hardcore mountain lover and a born hiker, his extravagant experience and adequate information on major Nepal Trekking routes, easy-going nature has made him one of the best trekking guide of Global Adventure Trekking, and now as an Operation Manager handles all his responsibilities seamlessly, he is paramount to Global Adventure, and Global Adventure Trekking is really proud to have Kriss in its team.

  • Birodh Burlakoti

    Birodh Burlakoti


    Birodh is a young, highly motivated and experienced tour guide of Global Adventure Trekking; he has been in the Travel Industry since 2010. He holds a government license as a Tourist and Trekking Guide. He also has a good strain in Photography and whenever he goes for a tour along with the clients he doesn’t miss the opportunity to make it memorable and long-lasting by taking some best snaps of the moments during the tours. He holds deeps knowledge of Nepal tour and trekking routes that makes travelling with him very interesting for clients. Global Adventure is lucky to have him in its team and proud is to proclaim him one of the specialized tour guides of the company and really appreciate his extraordinary contribution to the company so far.

  • Kapil Banjara

    Kapil Banjara

    Tour Guide

    Kapil Banjara who happens to be from GorkhaDistirct of Nepal is one of the Tour Guides of Global Adventure, MrBanjara is well experienced with culture, history and tradition of Nepal, and have years of experience in guiding best places of Nepal basically Kathmandu Valley and other major tourist destinations. He has very good spoken English and also keeps some basic knowledge of other foreign languages. He is a well-educated person with very amicable and courteous behaviours, he has taken tourism-related trainings from various training bodies of Nepal. Global Adventure is earnestly proud to have Mr Kapail in its team as a Tour Guide.

  • Dipendra Dhakal

    Dipendra Dhakal

    Trekking Guide

    A very enthusiastic Mountaineer Mr Dhakal is one the best trekking guide we have, he has more than a decade experience of guiding in the Himalayas of Nepal. He has been associated with Global Adventure since long and he is among the guide who is well appreciated by all the costumers whom he has guided in the Mountains so far. Global Adventure is truly pleased to have Mr Dhakal in its Mountain guide team.

  • Netra Dahal

    Netra Dahal

    Trekking Guide

    Netra is a very calm and cool Mountain Guide that Global Adventure has! He was born and brought off in the lap of Hilly District of Dhading of Nepal. He keeps good knowledge of history, culture and Mountains of Nepal. He has been guiding Global Adventures Clients for 10 years, and his experience level is what made him a strong Mountain Guide. He loves to be in Mountain and is very responsible and easy going person.

  • Bhim Thapa

    Bhim Thapa

    Trekking Guide

    Mr. Bhim Thapa also one of the guide of Global Adventure Trekking is another best guide that the company has, born within the lap of Himalayas, he is also a chilling guy with utmost experience of mountains of Nepal, he has been in Global Adventure since its inception first as a porter and later with years of experience and trainings turn into a good Mountain Guide.

  • Bhupendra Karki

    Bhupendra Karki

    Trekking Guide

    Bhupendra is also one of our Guides, he was born and brought up in remote village of Gorkha of Nepal, whichi lies within the route of Manasalu Circuit Trek. He is a mountain passionate guy and is very well experience with Mountain of Nepal. He has long experience in guiding and is deserving guide of Global Adventure Trekking.

  • Bhoj Khan

    Bhoj Khan

    Trekking Guide

    Bhoj Khan who belongs from trekking trails of Ganesh Himal in Dhadhing District of Nepal, is another name among Trekking Guides that Global Adventure Trekking has, he has spent several years of his life in guiding and his knowledge about Nepal Mountains and trekking trails is phenomenal . He has been in Global Adventure since its establishment has deep attachment with the company. He is indeed on of the pillar of the company in guiding department.

  • Nirmal Gurung

    Nirmal Gurung

    Trekking Guide

    Mr. Gurung was Born and Bought up in North of Dhadhing called Rubby Valley, which is one of the sacred trekking destination of Nepal on route to Ganesh Himal. Started his carrer in trekking industry as a Poorter in 2007 and later he was promoted to Trekking guide after necessary training and experience. He is also a very down to the earth person with enormous strength and vast experience of Nepal Mountains. He has been to many routes as a trekking guide and is one of the guide with whom Global Adventure trekking can rely on.

  • Alison Chadwick

    Alison Chadwick

    Country Representative-SA durbantrails@gmail.com

    Our representative in South Africa is Alison Chadwick who has a lot of experience in hiking and travel. She is currently training a group of school girls who will be trekking in Nepal in March 2020. Alison is very knowledgeable about what to pack for a trek and what fitness is required for a trek in Nepal if doing a trek up to about 4,000m. Alison lives in the city of Durban in South Africa which is on the Indian Ocean, she is a Level 2 Culture Tour Guide in her city. Alison has visited every continent even the Antarctic she was part of an expedition that travelled to the Antarctic on a Russian Ice Breaker. Alison is very fit and enjoys trail running and when she isn’t hiking in her local mountains called the Drakensberg you will find her taking groups of people on walks around the city as she is very passionate about history and architecture in her city. We are proud to have Alison work with us at Global Adventure Trekking and we look forward to welcoming her groups to Nepal. You can contact her here

  • Brony


    Country Representative - UK

    Brony is a very enthusiastic Trekker, she was at first sight lured and stunned by the beauties and diversities of Nepal when she first visited Nepal some 20 years ago. Since then she has visited Nepal quite often. She is a wild traveler and had traveled many places in the world, but she feels Nepal is truly special and gifted by nature to be one of the best destinations for hiking, trekking, tours, and all sort of adventure and nature lovers. Brony with such an attachment with Nepal is now the Country Representative of Global Adventure Trekking for the United Kingdom, she is truly committed to uplift Global Adventure Trekking Nepal as one the best trekking companion in Nepal among the Trekker in the UK and the region, Global Adventure Trekking really appreciate her efforts in promoting Global Adventure Trekking, Nepal trekking industry and Nepal as a whole in the UK and the region. Global Adventure Management is profoundly thankful to her for her earnest effort. Telephone: +44 779 532 5883 (WhatsApp)

  • Suman Narang

    Suman Narang

    Country Representative - India

    Suman happens to be from India, a truly travel wanderlust, Ms. Suman has traveled widely in recent years in India and many countries, she loves sports and remains to be fit and fine, a trained lady in Karate with a black belt, she is truly a person with sportsman spirit. She keeps on traveling to Mountain and loved to be within it. Realizing her inner thoughts Global Adventure is glad to offer her Country Representative for India as a whole. Global Adventure is glad to welcome such a deserving person in its team and look forward to working closely with Ms Suman in promoting Himalayan Destinations of Nepal among our closed neighbor Indian clients. Telephone: +91 997 718 8807 (WhatsApp)