Bhutan Travel Info

We have celected trailor made trip to Bhutan, Bhutan is a small country where the National happiness rate is more than National GDP.?

  • Geography of Bhutan

    Bhutan is located towards the eastern extreme of the Himalayan range, between China on the north and Indian on the south. A small landlocked country, ...

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  • History of Bhutan

    History of Bhutan, along with Nepal is the only country that has been independent throughout its history, never conquered, occupied, or seized by foreign influence. ...

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  • Culture of Bhutan

    Culture of Bhutan is very unique. For a long period of time, Bhutan remained isolated, from the outer world, which has helped it preserve its ...

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  • Religion of Bhutan

    Religions of Bhutan is estimated ninety-five percent of Bhutanese follow Buddhism. The large of the population in the western and central Bhutan are descendants of ...

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  • Climate of Bhutan

    The climate of Bhutan varies with variation in altitude of the place. While extreme cold and high wind are found in the great Himalayas, the ...

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