Gaijatra Festivals


29 Aug, 2015

Gaijatra Festivals

Gaijatra-Cow Festivals 30/08/2015.

Gaijatra (Sa-Paru), literally means cow festivals, is one of the most colorful and hilarious festivals, but the most enchanting of all can be observed in Bhaktapur. On the very day of Gaijatra in the same time all the bereaved families in the city go around the city throughout the heritage route with a cow, or girl or a boy dressed like a scared animal. The cow is believed to help the depart souls wade in the cosmic sea on their way to the heaven. And it is also said that it is only this day when the gates of the after-world are thrown open for the dead.
Gaijatra, festival lasts for eight days, and all through these days, revelers in outlandish dresses parade around the prescribed route, capturing and ridiculing at corrupt practices of public figure.
Bamboo structures cover with colorful cloth and painted pictures of cows symbolizing the dead, crowd the street in Bhaktapur on the Sa-Paru-day 30/08/2015. The bamboo constructions are such that one can easily determine whether the dead one was a male or female or a minor. Apparently adding humor to the somber aspect of the festivals, different group of people go around, clashing sticks and caricaturing at different events and personalities. Although the week, visitors can see and enjoy mask dances and Humor and Satire Programs at the different public spaces and square of the city.

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