Manaslu Trekking Guide 2020

  • Nov 1, 2019
  • Krishna Dahal
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Manaslu region is considered the unsurpassed route for trekking since the establishment of tea houses increased, the need of tented trek declined significantly. The tea houses in Manaslu circuit were destroyed in 2015 earthquake but almost all of them have been rebuilt.

Manaslu trekking is a newly opened trekking trail as an alternative Annapurna circuit trek. Start from Soti khola and goes up to (5,106 m) Larke la pass and meet at Annapurna trekking route at Dharapani.

Table of Contents

Wilderness Trek

Among of several trekking destination in Nepal, Manaslu is the hidden treasure of the Himalaya. Mt. Manaslu (8,163m) is the world 8th highest Mountain and about 65 km east of famous Annapurna. Manaslu Trekking was on the shadow due to the lack of teahouse along the route. But nowadays, Many teahouse started to build and deliver the warm hospitality for inbound and outbound travelers. Even though 2015 earthquake hit badly and most of the local tea house was collapse. All guest house is rebuilt very quickly and ready to deliver the services. Still there are very less number of trekkers around and you can enjoy!

Manaslu Trekking from Lho Village

Connected with Tibetan Culture

Behind the Mt. Manaslu there is some Village Development Committee which is known as “Trans Himalayan Country” Those tribes practice the same culture and tradition and Customs as Tibetan does. Those local people can speak the Tibetan and are eligible to go and back Tibet. Even though you are trekking in Nepal and going to experience the Tibetan Culture…..How wonderful it is..?? Many local people get married with Tibetan women while they were having trans Himalayan trade. Still Polygamy systems are practice in Manaslu area.

Affordable price

Mt. Manaslu Circuit Trek used to organize in a tented camping trekking and many Sherpa porter and kitchen staffs were supplied. But now many guest House has been built up and plenty of food and necessary items are available. In Manaslu round trek you can stay in the tea house in all place where the toilet and room facility are available. So Global Adventure Trekking suggests you to take a light tea house trek and save the money for your next adventure. Our well trained guide and porter are available around the clock to care you.

Start from low altitude to high altitude

Mt. Manaslu (8,163m) trekking will begins after a bus or jeep drive to Soti khola. There are daily bus services via Gorkha (the District head quarter of Gorkha) Or via Dhading district. After 7 hrs drive to Soli Khola trek start. Soti Khola (715 m) upto Dharmasala (4,460 m) and Larke pass (5,160m) and descend to Dharapani which is the connecting point of famous Annapurna Circuit. Total walking distance of Manaslu trek for 14 days is 190 km.

Manaslu Base Camp View

Side trips arrangement

Manaslu circuit trek has a lot of things to do on the trekking route. You can make the side trip en route of the trek. Visa Monastery, Local Village and Visit the Manaslu Base Camp and of course Birendra lake. These are the side trip for your Manaslu trips. While you take the Acclimatize day then go for the side trips.

Manaslu Side Trip Birendra Lake

Famous larke pass

Larke La pass is the world famous high pass. Start from 715m to Dharmasala (4,460 m) and cross Larke La (5,106m). Offers the best panoramic view of Himalayan peaks including Himlung Mountain, and several neighboring Mountain. Yes, of course it is a challenging passes but doable!

Safe and tranquil trail

Even though Manaslu circuit trek is new trekking trails, the people are amazing and path is well maintain in all the places. It is safe and the views are unbelievable. The sunlight changes its color into gold at the evening and there are no one to disturb you, See the blue sky and twinkling stars and full and croissant moon. Play with baby yak and encounter with blue ship, Himalayan Thar and many more animals along the trek. The beautiful village, prayer flag and Mani wall makes the trekking more pleasure and interesting. Once you take this Manaslu trek you will be surely fascinated.

Mt Manaslu Base Camp