Tihar festival

  • Nov 18, 2020
  • Rajan Dahal
  • 2160

Tihar festival, the festival of light is known as Deepawali. This festival observes throughout the Hindus communities. Tihar is a five-day-long Hindu festival celebrates all over the country. Tihar falls right after 15 days of Dashain festival. Dashain is the biggest festival among Hindu people and Tihar is the second. Officially all the Government office is closed for 5 days for National holiday.

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Tihar festival falls on the month of October-November, it depend on the Gregorian calendar. A five day long festival begins with crow. The first day of Tihar is to worship Crow ‘the messenger of death’ People often sprinkle rice on the ground for crow. The second day of Tihar is celebrated to honor dog, ‘the guardian for the god of death. The third day is for Cow and Laximi for the wealth. On this day people clean their house and put the Mustard oil lamp in every corner of their house for welcoming the Goddess of Laximi. People make Rangoli on the courtyard with seven different colors to welcoming God and Goddess. Firecrackers are set of during the festival time. Likewise on the fourth day, people honor for Ox, People use ox to dig their farming land for cultivation. So on this day people respect ox and offer Pooja with mixed grass and grains. On the Fifth day of Tihar is called Bhai Tika. The brother and sister offer the Tika on their forehead by worshiping each other and they exchange their gift.

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