What are The new Changes in Everest Base Camp Trekking Route

  • Nov 28, 2022
  • Rajan Dahal
  • 552

The world is changing itself with the increase in demography, geographic conditions, mass movement of population, global warming, and much more reason. For that, Everest base camp trekking has also some changes in food, accommodation, population, facility, mode of transportation, and glacier and ecosystems.

I had been several times in Everest base camp until 2002. Which I really like and enjoy very much. This year I got an opportunity to visit the Everest Base camp trek again with my friends only for 12 days. While I was on Everest Base Camp Trek, I found a lot of changes like state below.

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About the Lukla flight

I knew there was a direct flight from Kathmandu to Lukla (The Hillary Airport) at an altitude of 2800m and the airstrip was small, short runway, and unpaved. But nowadays the flight to Lukla departs from Ramechhap airport which is 130 km northwest of Kathmandu. It is hard to get up at midnight for everyone and go by bus to catch my flight to Lukla. So if you are planning a trip to Everest, remember you need to go to Ramechap airport. If not, pay about 500 USD then you can catch a chopper from Kathmandu to Lukla directly.

Road expansion towards Everest Trek:

Until 2000 AD, many people were traveling through Jiri by following the classical Everest Base Camp Trek route. The lower part of the trek is also very interesting with its landscapes, and the warm hospitality of locals,s and the flora and fauna are quite interesting. Now the road construction expanding up to Khari Khola, which is a nearly 2-day journey by jeep from Kathmandu and a 2-day walk to meet the popular Everest trails. The upper part of the trek is amazing as you imagine.

The accommodation along Everest Trek

There is a selection of accommodations on the Everest base camp route. The accommodation varied from Guest House to standard hotel/ deluxe hotel accommodation on the Everest Base Camp trek route. Most of the guest houses are clean and comfortable with hot and cold showers facility.

The cost of the accommodation

The Accommodation cost varies from 700 to 1500 rupees for general accommodation. At the same time, there is some deluxe hotel like Yeti Mountain Home, and Everest View Hotel while on the Everest Base Camp. The cost of the luxury hotel ranges from 200 USD to 300 USD per night. The choice is yours!

Climate change reversed in the mountain region

Due to global warming in the world, there are huge reflections in the mountain region as well. The snow is melting soon, causing landslides, drought, avalanches, and rockslides to be increasingly common. Even the biggest Khumbu Icefall is shrinking. Deforestation and burning trees are other major impact in the Himalayan region.

Unnecessary Rescue cases

Real rescue services are mandatory for Mountain trekkers. However, I saw many Choppers flying to evacuate people. Why it happens most of the time, scam? Everyone should be careful whether it is necessary to you or not. This is very unusual I found. If people get altitude sickness then they should take rest at the same altitude and wait until it goes away. After having a day or two days of rest then you will be 100% fine.

Permit fees and numbers of people

The cost of the permit is increased, now the cost of the Sagarmatha National Park entry fee is 3000/ rupees per head but below 10 years the child is free of the cost. There is another kind of permit called Passang Lhamu Rural Municipality Entry fee costs 2000/ rupees but what is proposed, they collect it, I do not understand. Nowadays Everest Base Camp trek is becoming crowded, and too many people are trekking in the area. The spring and autumn season it causes hard to find the room. So it is better to choose a registered and legal trekking company to book your trips.

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