Why Choose Global Adventure Trekking?

  • Oct 31, 2019
  • Rajan Dahal
  • 1314

Benefit to use Global Adventure Trekking agency.!!

When time comes to plan your holiday, you need to answer the age-old question- do you do it all your self or use the global Adventure Trekking for your excellent holiday? The point of view for doing your self could be that you can save your time and money, But do you really?
Before finalizing your booking, you ask several question why I should book with your travel company?

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GAT Group

Reasons are as below:

1. Convenience: We offer all the travel logistic like flights, hotel accommodation, Guide, Permit, Porters, transport and excursion. Besides above we give you hand pick package which suits your budget at a great deals.

2. Saving time and money: Many people think it is costly to book with travel company, not true! Most of the hotels are equality priced. Means whether you book just yourself or with Global Adventure Trekking, it is same. You cost you a lot of time to find the best one.

3. Personal experience: Working with our travel company can offer insight and information collective from years of research and experience. Once you start to search you got a lot of information and makes you confusion. So working us, we combine extra special to turn it in your daily itinerary.

4. Great connection: We have special connection with resort, hotel and Guide and porters, We can request the property to suits the room and other logistic. No one comes close to you with their experience but you have to choose the best one.

5. Personalization: You may see different post in the internet and feel that might seems good deals but what we do, we always consult our experts to design trips, and we incorporate our personal experience, relation with partners. We assure whern you buy the trips with us, it will be exactly what they want and we take care of every things from the moment you start the trips.

6. Keep up to date. We keep up to date with hotel, expertise, all logistic how it is going on, and the best time to travel in Nepal for example Mountaineering, trekking, and other adventure activities, This will help you to buy the desired trips at a reasonable cost for your lifetime adventure!