About Canyoning

Being a Himalayan country full of rivers, lakes, hills and gorges, Nepal perhaps is the best destination for Canyoning. There are thousands of natural waterfalls where Canyoning can be carried out. Nepal government has opened many spots for canyoning across Nepal such as Panglang, Kanglang, Jalbire, Charaudi, Bhulkute etc. Canyoning can be a daylong activity or run for a few days. Whether you would like abseiling, jumping and rock sliding down steep waterfalls or just swim, our Canyon guides will help you have an amazing time. Canyoning not only allows you to explore rivers, gorges and waterfalls of Nepal but also lets you in touch with rural villages of Nepal and learn local cultural heritage. Canyoning can also easily be combined with cave exploration, hiking/trekking, rafting and other adventure activities.