Manaslu Trekking FAQs

Does your trekking crew have insurance?

Yes, all of our trekking staffs are well insured and well equipped.

What happens if I get sick in the mountain?

GAT has well experienced staffs and very familiar to local people too. If you are very sick then we stop at the same place for one or 2 days. If you are sick with Altitude then we have to descend about 300-500m. If getting worse the use horse or Porter or arrange an evacuation.

Do I need any vaccination before to leave?

In general you do not need any vaccination but better to consult your Doctors before to travel to Nepal.

Do I get drinking water?

GAT supply purified drinking water but not bottle water because of the environmental awareness.

Is the electricity available in the trekking?

Even though Nepal is second richest for the water resources but most of the places do not have electricity. In some place they have electricity facility but most of the place do not have.

Is there ATM in the mountain?

No, there is no ATM and Bank in the mountain. So you are suggested to have cash for your trekking.

What kind of document should I bring?

Normally a veiled pass port and insurance document is required to bring with you.