Nepal Village Tour

About Nepal Village Tour

Nepal Village tour specializes in trekking programs that involve travelling to remote yet beautiful villages of Nepal, learning about local culture, meeting local people, exploring pristine nature and enjoying splendid views of Himalayan mountains.

Nepal has over 4000 villages, most of which are remote, inhabited by over 100 ethnic groups. This is multi-lingual, multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-cultural country. Rai, Tharu, Thakali, Praja, Dalit, Newar, Brahman, Chhetri, Gurung, Tamang are few of the indigenous communities in Nepal.

Nepal Village tours are best for those who would like to get out of noise and pollution of the city and feel the solitude of being in naturally and cultural peaceful place. Nepal Village tour involves trekking from village to village where local villagers will welcome you with warm hospitality and local cuisine. You will stay either in lodges, home stay houses or community buildings and participate in day to day activities of the local people. These programs range from a few days to weeks depending upon your interests and time.

Through Nepal Village tours Global Adventure Trekking seeks to promote village tourism to generate direct employment and revenue for rural villagers. Locals engage in this by selling organic products, local handicraft and working as natural and cultural guide. Sirubari, Ghalegaun, Bandipur, Chitlang, Balthali are some of the popular Nepal village tour destinations.