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At Global Adventure Trekking, we are enthusiastic bunches who are always ready to assist our guests in their endeavor for trekking in Nepal. We are a team who love and enjoy our work. The GAT team comprises of a group of professionals with extensive experience in the tourism sector from all parts of the country. It is this diversity in the make- up of our staff that sets GAT apart from other similar Nepal adventure trek companies. Because the members of our team grew up in different parts of the country, their knowledge of geography and culture of their respective localities is unparalleled which makes our service for your Nepal trekking Holidays experience more enriching. All the employees at GAT are well trained in Nepal mountain Trekking and hold the necessary license issued by the government to operate in their respective field.

Why Trekking With us? For most of the staff, trekking has been a way of life since childhood. We have grown in the hills and villages of central Nepal, exploring different places of beauty and culture. It is this rich experience that we like to share with our guests who come to visit this majestic country from all over the world. All the staff members have been trained in well-reputed institutions and are licensed in their respective fields of expertise. Along with a good command of English, some of the guides also have knowledge of languages such as Japanese, French, and Dutch. During your stay, you will learn that they are also friendly, helpful and capable of handling different kinds of situation as trained.

Although a small country, Nepal has a lot to offer in terms of adventure acitivities, Nepal tour package, cultural experience and breathtaking natural beauty. From stunning mountains to cool hills and barren plains, the range you see in topography of such a tiny country in itself is an experience. With rapid urbanization, another interesting aspect of Nepal is the balance of old and new, modern and ancient. We hope you choose to travel to this magical land and choose us as your companions.

As a team, we at GAT live by our goal-to give your first class service at excellent rate and provide you with unforgettable memories.

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